Saturday, May 20, 2006

S2D Recap and Perot Democrat??

A good effort Tuesday on the program...thanks to Justin from the Donklephant for a great discussion about politics.

Thank you to Rowhin from Pop Culture Junkies for a discussion about series and season finales on TV.

And thank you to Koenigrules with his Scifi Report.

Yes I have been taken the label of being a Perot Democrat, someone who is socially liberal and is fiscally a hawk.

Ross Perot championed fiscal responsibility for years while also advocating that abortion and other personal issues should be decided by the states.

I am pro choice, but I would rather see the states tackle abortion than the federal government same goes for gay marriage and gay adoption.

Empowering the states more is also something Perot championed as well.

The era of Perot Democrats has

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